Patricia Margaret ELphick

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    2022      BRC  Qualifier dates    2022  

 Horse Trials  - 5th June with Area 22 at Auchlishie Kirriemuir 

 Summer DR  - 9th July at Morris, Ayrshire

 Summer SJ  - 10th July at Morris, Ayrshire 

 Winter SJ Nov and Interm  - 30th October at SNEC - Lothians

 Winter Novice DR  -  5th November at Morris

 Winter Intermediate DR  - poss 6th November at Morris or 12th Nov at SNEC tbc




 2nd Placed Team!!!!!! 

     at 15th March 2020 Winter Intermediate Dressage Qs  Morris

GOOD LUCK to Lynne Denholm, Jenni Surgeon, Elizabeth Rose, Hannah Young and Louise Howat competing at Morris on 15th March and Thank You to Jackie Galt Bailey our official Volunteer for the day at the Area Qualifiers !!!


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Horse Eligibility DRESSAGE  for 2020  (check pages 93 to 97 of BRC rules see link below)            

 Senior Prelim   - Unlimited Prelim Points      0 Novice Points  or above                                                        Senior Prelim 18 - Unlimited Prelim Points, Up to 35 Novice Points and 0 points Elementary and above         Junior Prelim    - unlimited Prelim Points, up to 35 Novice Points and 0 Elementary and above                   Novice - Unlimited Novice Points     Up to 35 Elementary Points   0 points at Medium or above;                           Elem  - Unlimited Elementary Points   Up to 35 Medium Points   0 points at Adv. Medium or above /                      Medium - Unlimited Medium Points     Up to 35 Adv. Medium Points    or above                                                   Adv Med - Unlimited Adv. Med Points   Up to 50 Points   Advanced or above

 Rider Eligibility   Riders who have competed under FEI Rules in the relevant discipline in the last 5 calendar years are not eligible. 

** Eligibilty for SJ TBC  **

 Qualifier Classes and teams  from 70cm to 110cm



Jenni Surgeon



Elizabeth RoseNo photo description available.


Lynne DenholmNo photo description available.

Hannah YoungNo photo description available.

Interested in taking part in any 2022 summer team qualifiers?          

   step 1. please  check horse and rider full  eligibility rules -  

   step 2. please check your horse passport is up to date and meets British racing Authority rules.  For BRC Vacc Rules from 1st March 2020 All qualifier horses must have had a flu vacc within 6 months and 21 days of the qualifier date

Use online Flu Vacc Date checker  - click HERE 

   step 3. Send copy of flu cert  / passport by email or  messenger pm to Jennifer Surgeon so it can be registered on Area1 Flu VAcc Database. Details  Must include name of horse, passport number and all vaccinations history. 

   step 4. Add name to TEAMS online    -   click HERE



Full copy of BHS Riding Clubs rules click                                  BHS 2022 Rule book

      British Racing Rules  - vaccinations       click  HERE

       Online Flu Vacc Date Checker              click  HERE